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Our guests will appreciate the list of features for comfort, convenience and cleanliness. One and two bedroom apartments with cable TV, fully equipped kitchen, ceiling fans and very close to shopping, restaurants, fitness and spa facilities. We hope that this list of features and amenities will be helpful in deciding on the perfect apartment rental for your vacation in Costa Rica!

Amenities Our Apartment Our Studio Standard Hotel or Backpackers Hostel
Guests 3 2 2
Double bed 1 1 1
Single bed 1
Private Bathroom 1 1 1
Hot Water Heater System x x x
Table with 4 chairs x
Table with 2 chairs x
Refrigerator x x
Microwave x
Coffee Maker x x
Oven Stove x
Breakfast table x
TV 32″ x x x
Wireless Internet x x
Ceiling fan x x x
Electric skillet x
Toaster x x
Windows w/mosquito screen x x

We offer travellers a fun and inviting place to stay in the perfect location to see and do everything Manuel Antonio and the Pacific Gold Coast has to offer. Great discounts are available for weekly stays.

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