Frequently Asked Questions


Brunxu Apartments, an affordable housing development open in Manuel Antonio. Near beach, and the action!

Frog Quepos Puntarenas Costa Rica

Is there hot water in the apartment?

Our full bathrooms are clean and comfortable with towels, great water pressure and plenty of hot water in sinks and showers.

How and when do I get the keys?

We ask that you call us before your arrival in Manuel Antonio Village, if you arrive by plane or by car. If you arrive by airplane, call us when you arrive at the San Jose or Juan Santamaria Airport. We will then estimate your arrival time and one of our team member will welcome you at your apartment building and have the keys.

When can I enter, and when shall I leave the apartment?

Check-in begins at 14:00 and check-out time to until 11:00. If you stay longer, you can call us and in that case we do not have another client with the same day, we can allow you to stay a little longer.

Who will receive me in the apartment?

On arrival Grettel or someone from our team will receive you. We only work with people we really trust in order to ensure that your stay is a joy and worry can be avoided.

Are there additional costs for gas, electricity or water?

There is no extra charge. The price we give you is the total price for your stay.

Is there a minimum stay?

Yes, depending on which apartment you choose, the minimum stay may be of at least 3 nights (short-term rental apartments).

Do you offer Internet connection in the apartments?

Yes, we offer unlimited high-speed Internet access, free of charge (we do not provide a computer). All our apartments have high speed wireless internet access ADSL. We are not responsible if your computer has a firewall or other security settings that block the Internet connection.

Can I pay by credit card?

No, we do not accept Visa, MasterCard or other credit cards.

Are the linen and towels included in the total price?

On arrival, you will have towels in the bathroom and sheets in the bed. This service is included in the final price we provide you with the booking confirmation.

How much must I pay definitely book the apartment?

50% reservation fee for booking an apartment.

How will my reservation be confirmed?

Reservations are made through the booking form on the website. You will receive an e-mail confirmation (with the prices and other details) once we receive the deposit.

Is the apartments air conditioned?

We have no air conditioning in the apartments, but in return we have ceiling fans in every room and you can hear the sounds of the jungle & sometimes the ocean waves at night.

Do you guarantee the exact apartment which I choose?

We guarantee the apartment category (studio, two or three rooms) and confirmed the rate, but not the specific apartment.

Is there a cleaning service during our stay in the apartment?

Yes, there is extra fee and the cleaning can be done twice a week on a schedule with you at your convenience.

What is the cancellation policy?

You cancel before arrival: Whatever the reason for the cancellation and whenever you notified it, there is no refund of the amount paid to secure the booking. Changes in the arrival date, the duration of the stay can be considered as a cancellation. You cancel during your stay: In case of early departure for any reason of the cancellation and whenever you notified it, there is no refund of rent paid. Please note that the rent has been calculated according the duration of stay. For stays of more than 2 months, special departure conditions may be applicable to certain prior agreement.

Does the price include any meal?

There is no meal in the apartment included, neither is the breakfast. We do not offer this type of service. But we want to mention that all apartments have a fully equipped kitchen and in the vicinity are some food shops. In the event that you need us to make shopping for you, please announce in advance so we can give you the prices.

Why should you better choose an apartment than a hotel?

By choosing an apartment you will get privacy, have more independence and freedom during your stay. An apartment is to experiment the real Costa Rican way of life. You will become for a some days, a Costa Rican among the others in the city! The Manuel Antonio apartments are quite cheaper than the hotels in Manuel Antonio and more practical. And if you travel with your family or friends, the apartment will allow you to be really together during your stay.

What is the housing capacity?

For studio apartments, there are a maximum of two people and is authorized for two bedroom apartments allows maximum of 3 persons (for each apartment, the maximum capacity is specified).

What is the requested documents in order to make your reservation?

In the case your booking by phone, the staff will tell you all documents you should send. Normally you need at least one official form of identification. (passport or identity card for American people).

Can I bring my animal to the apartment?

Yes, dog friendly apartments, with a extra cost to rent with a pet. Montly prices: $20 cat fee; $25 dog fee; $30 for 2 cats; $40 for 2 dogs.

Where can I study Spanish?

There are several spanish schools in Quepos / Manuel Antonio Villages. They are all highly qualified schools and you can even receive college credit by studying at these schools.

Do I need a visa to travel or to study in Costa Rica?

When you arrive in Costa Rica, you will be given a tourist visa, which may be good for 3 months. If you are planning stay more than 3 months in Costa Rica, you have to leave the country for at least three days (72 hours) before re-entering the country.

Latin America is for you!

Our apartment complex offers affordable rents for travelers visiting this part of Central America. Come and explore the local culture, traditions, architecture and enjoy the lifestyle of the “pura vida” in Costa Rica. If you decide to move to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica let me know – I’d love to rent to you.

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