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The main economic activity of the community of Manuel Antonio is tourism, which mainly covers accommodation, restaurants, transportation, water sports, fishing and local guides, as well as selling fruits and other minor services.

The land is mainly concentrated in the hands of foreigners, noting that of 59 km. coast, 50 km. is in the hands of people other nationalities.

Manuel Antonio National Park has a special importance for the development of tourism in Costa Rica, as one of the main destinations tour of the country, which is the second largest national park visitation with both national and international tourism.


Espadilla South Beach: Located between the northern boundary of the Park and Punta Catedral. It is a wide beach at low tide, swell a little strong but not dangerous to swimmers. Its length is 800 meters, is located in a bay, which allows the swell is strong and not there are dangerous currents.

Playa El Rey: This beach is especially important because it is a nesting site for the Kemp’s ridley or carpenter (Lepidochelis olivacea).

Puerto Escondido: This is a small beach in a bay of 80 m length which is located south of the park administration. Access depends on the tides as being among cliffs.

Playa Manuel Antonio is a very attractive small beach and beauty. It is very safe for swimming, with some strong waves and where can best practice snorkeling, especially toward the ends of the rocks found here lots of marine life.

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